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The top smartphone models that were introduced in February 2015 are loaded with useful applications and convenient features making their use easier than ever before. In that scope it shouldn’t surprise that this technological wave gave birth to many other phone-related accessories. These formidable gadgets augment the capabilities and user-friendliness of smartphones, usually leaving hands completely free to drive, ride, love and create. And as it is already the case with smartphones, the companies that make these gadgets are fighting for their part of the market and hearts and minds of customers. So, who are the top contestants?

The iOS prize goes to Apple Watch

Introduced in April, the Apple Watch is half-accessory, half-jewelry extension for your phone. More importantly is acts as a filter for your calls and messages, discreetly notifying you that you have an incoming call or a text message. Its simple and user-friendly interface has several modes and is highly customizable. Apple has put a lot of design into this timepiece, including some of smart functions like battery saving feature that turns the display on only when you raise your watch hand as if you were checking the time, and turns it off when your hand drops down again.

Android Strikes Back

The selling point of an Android smart watch is that they come in many shapes and styles, giving the customers much bigger choice within a brand than the Apple Watch. It can upgrade your phone with extra features, making your daily activities more pleasant and enjoyable. Of course your need to choose the right model, the one that is compatible with your phone manufacturer. Android smart watches offer a much higher degree of customization than their iOS counterparts and then there is a ton of free and purchasable apps you can choose from.

The Middle Child

This option is perfect for people who are changing their phones a lot, maybe reviewers and developers, those who need to be in constant touch with the latest models. That type of customer usually don’t have a luxury of committing to one operating system only, and defending its stance like the rest of us like to do. For those, a Pebble smart watch is definitely the best solution, as it is compatible with both Android and iOS models. In addition it is comfortable to wear, waterproof and many would say has more style than its counterparts. It comes in two versions, the newer Pebble Steel has sleeker look, while the original Pebble’s full-plastic minimalist retro-geek style will attract lovers of Kindle and Casio.  

More than a Phone

When the all sums up, your phone accessories are designed to make your life easier and interesting. On the other hand its vast potential for business application will make businesspeople more productive and time-effective. Just imagine how faster it is to answer the calls and send texted preset replies with your smartwatch, than drawing your phone each time, only to see that you have 3 new Facebook notifications and 2 Tapatalk conversations that you haven’t attended to.  

Smartwatches are relatively new things in the market and they are going through a series of improvement and customizations as you read this. There is much that can be done in that field till the next spring.  
Starting a company is never easy, and it becomes especially hard when you have to come up with a clever and innovative name for your Internet presence. Moreover, it should be something that you will be able to easily share and for people to like. But, keep in mind that running a company is more than just its setup, from the humble beginnings, you will have to find a way to lead your company to success. Though, overall, it will require hard work and effort, it is not impossible, and it could be also fun along the way.

You should brand your business before it is too late

Make sure that you do not just come up with a business without any easily recognizable marks of its own, because it is going to be hard for anyone to find you at all. Moreover, creating a personal brand is great for your company as it will make it a marketable asset, and you will have a better chance of conquering markets and assuring that your company stays competitive and able to conduct business effectively.

Finding the right name is not going to be easy

Although branding and naming go together, you should be aware just how much science there is behind naming a company. On the other hand, choosing the right name, and making sure that it is going to be possible to make it even more creative with your domain is important, because it will guarantee that people notice your company and that you will get business. Make sure to understand the psychology and of people and what it takes to create a perfect name that will make your company ever so more successful.

Always check whether you are presentable or not

At the very least, no matter how good you think your branding and naming is, you will have to make sure that everything sticks and that your customers will have an easy time finding out about business. Research and feedback should become one of your top priorities, because only then will you be able to see how discoverable your business is, and what you need to do in order to improve your overall code of conduct and business. However, it will also be a good way to ensure that you are not going the wrong way, and that you are focusing on the important factors.

Being creative and innovative

Unless you have a clever mind to work with, it will become hard to create a unique and innovative name and brand for your company to succeed in being a great business. Moreover, it will be increasingly difficult to find great business partners and customers if they cannot find your Internet presence, and if you are not very discoverable. Though, you should make sure that you use all the possibilities of social marketing online and offline to make it happen, but you will need to look into creative and innovative ways to do it successfully. 
When it comes to paying TV packages, Internet service, cell phone bills, one cannot ignore that cartoon sketch depicting a family returning from a vacation only to find their house ripped apart from inside by the bills and spam that a postman has been pushing through the mail slot. Now you can combine those three services into one, with fewer bills and cutting the expenses, with no loss in media quality. 

CompareTV  is one of Australia’s leading IPTV service hubs. Aside from unbelievably cost-effective deals, including top class web streaming and a range of country’s TV providers, it also enables you to go through their special offer packages, until you pick one that is most suitable to your home budget, media needs and monthly bill.
Diverse Possibilities
In addition, some IPTV providers allow you to start streaming the media content from the day one for a 30-day free trial period, while others like Quickfix have the possibility of renting TV shows and movies from their staggering DVD and Blu-ray collections for free. The majority of these Pay TV deals are made possible through an undemanding top set box, which is compatible with both regular and smart TVs, but also PCs and Mac computers. It gets even better, as providers like Quickflix and Presto now offer simultaneous streaming to your mobile deice like Android and iOS phones, tablets and believe it or not even game consoles.

No lock-in Contracts
CompareTV allows you to experience ultimate entertainment, to compare Broadband Bundles, and choose from a broad selection of channels on demand, tons of latest movie releases and the most popular TV shows with a choice for the whole family. Supported by a line of popular country’s IPTV Providers like Foxtel, Optus Netflix and Presto, CompareTV combines digital television experience with unlimited access to web content. And the best part of it is that the majority of providers supported by CompareTV impose not lock-in contracts on their clients. Basically it means that you can cancel the package deal you are not satisfied with in no time.
Flexible Packages
How does one subscribe to the CompareTV? Unlike with most providers, which let your subscribe to the basic home package including your land phone, and then you proceed with adding extra channels and Internet capabilities according to your needs and budget, CompareTV has created different packages for increased flexibility and minimal user intervention. It offers a number of special packages which are carefully designed with the most popular client TV subscription and DSL combinations. The smart Streaming and Pay TV combinations include Foxtel Broadband with Home Phone Bundle, Quickflix Six-Week Free Trial Offer, Telstra Sports HD Three-Month Free Trial and Live Streaming TV Deal, Stan 30-Day Free Trial Stream TV and Movies Free Package, Two-Week Free FOXTEL Play Offer and One-Month Presto Exclusive Deal.

Cost effective broadband packages combined with quality Pay TV channel selection and lots off subscriber-friendly options, make CompareTV a formidable IPTV hotspot, able to satisfy the most demanding of clients. 
Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.
It is no secret that if you want your business to be successful you have to stand out from the crowd. Whether it was originally your plan to turn your business in a brand or not it is inevitable if you want to be better than your competition. The ultimate goal of all of your marketing activities should be to have a market that is willing to buy the product once they hear your company is behind it. However, it’s a long way from awareness you need branding and turning your business into brand. It’s time-demanding and strenuous process, and we are here to help you with it. We’ll give you some advices on how to enhance your brand presence.

Embrace the modern

Regardless of how small your business might be, it is inevitable to develop it without acceptance of modern technologies, especially IT novelties, so you couldn’t even imagine being at the top of the game without making your business visible in online context. If you want to start small, without spending a lot of money, internet has many options for you, among them, starting your own blog is a good idea. If you decide to go down this road, be aware that it takes a lot of time and energy. Since social media are a place of gathering for millions of people, and therefore for millions of possible customers, creating a Facebook page or Twiter account could give your online presence a significant boost and lead to better recognition of your brand.

Be tangible

Sure, being present in the virtual world is important, but you want your potential customers to be able to feel you. This marketing endeavor doesn’t even have to be expensive and the trick is to put your name everywhere.  By giving people promotional products with your name on it, you are making the whole marketing experience a little more personal, and though they can’t reach the same number of people as the almighty web, just imagine how many people will one day exchange the lighter or the pen with your name on it. This warm and friendly approach to marketing is possible the thing that can separate you from the competition and win a place in your clients’ hearts. By gifting your customers T-shirts or pens with your logo, you are demonstrating your devotion to business and to them. 

Start from the beginning

Be realistic, you can’t aim to conquer the world at the very beginning, it is a luxury achieved with hard work and a lot of patience. Take one step at the time. Before you grow from middle company to a corporation, you have to at least master your own surroundings. You can’t run before you learn how to walk, right? Becoming a local brand is easier and yet it is an important step in marketing process. Some of the ways you can achieve this are commercials at local TV or radio stations and newspapers, which is usually quite affordable. This way, you can appeal to older audience, as you are already devoting attention to younger one on the web. Be a good neighbor and provide your co-citizens with discounts and special offers and a positive word of mouth will be your best commercial.

Branding is necessary to gain upper hand over the competition, and if you play your cards right, you might just conquer the world. 
In order for your business to be able to blossom and to evolve into something even bigger, it is very important that you take customer feedback and satisfaction into account. Moreover, to become a great business and to appeal to all of the aspects to your customers, it is very crucial not to only view what they have to say, but to integrate it into your business policy and to make sure your customers feel appreciated and respected.

The best method for collecting important data

Collecting data is never easy, especially if you need to gather it from your customers, as they might be reluctant to communicate. But if you use a customer satisfaction survey, they might be more open to answer questions more truthfully and without any hesitation. With this your business will be able to accurately measure not only satisfaction, but to also precisely pinpoint unhappy customers. Moreover, you will have an insight into how to go about fixing it and making your customers even more satisfied with your business and with your products.

Making surveys fun and engaging

Generally speaking, people do not like to fill out surveys, and customers will feel pressured when they have to do it for your business. However, with the help of Statisfy, it is possible to create custom-made content that will be interactive, fun and easily approachable digitally. Moreover, it will be done on a level that will be truly engaging, making sure your audience likes it and that you can better understand your customers in the long run. Moreover, you can also incorporate native advertising and insights so that you can really shake up your marketing strategy.

Measuring satisfaction appropriately

Keep in mind that very unhappy customers will rarely return, and they will rarely speak well about your business, making sure that other customers are staying away from your business as well. But if you create a survey based on a few proven methods for customer satisfaction measuring, it will become clear just where and what you need to improve to become better. Your goal is to gather exact information and data which you can later on analyze so that you can better yourself and your business. However, it will rarely be possible to measure everything with just one survey.

Helping customers be satisfied

Once you do no which parts of your business and services you have to improve, it will become easier to satisfy them, and to make them happier. However, it is not always possible, and in some cases it will be extremely hard to identify what is the cause of customer unhappiness. Nevertheless, you need to stay vigilant and you have to evolve with the times, making sure to follow current trends so that you can offer a better service and that your customers can be more satisfied in the end. You need to extract as much useful information from the survey so that your business can further itself.

The importance of keeping customers satisfied

In the end it is very important to keep your customers happy and content so that they can better cooperate with you, and that their feedback is viable and reliable. Moreover, a happy customer will be able to help you in your marketing by spreading the good word about your business. On the other hand, you will be supplied with better and more useful feedback which you can incorporate into your business’ strategy, making sure that you appeal to a larger audience so that you can make sure to keep and interest customers on different levels.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz. Currently, he works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.
The harder a business task seems to be, the greater the challenge of fulfilling it is. These days it seems that every single person with Internet access on this planet has their own online business aspirations. With so many companies from every single corner of the world aiming at web audience, it is extremely difficult to stand out from the rest of the Internet pack. However, the complexity of this task is what makes it so attractive and worth trying, which keeps my drive for business as strong and persistent as it was when I started creating my own business story.

Include different platforms

The largest number of businesses that have Internet-craving marketing ambitions have a Facebook page. Many of them support that social media presence with a Twitter account. Only a smaller number has special business-related profiles both on these two networks and on Google+. And if we continue listing some other social groups, the number of companies that use all of them will proportionally decline. The point is that people should try an across-the-platforms approach.
I tried combining several different networks and sharing the same things on my profiles. When the content was in the form of a video, I uploaded it to my YouTube channel, too. All these platforms served as sources for cross-reference, which multiplied the number of people who could (and did) see my material, which returned to me as a higher conversion rate.

One-liners rule

Although this is the age of photography and pictures dominate the online world, ingenious one-liners can still have a powerful effect on bright audience. Of course, it is important to know what products or services to present with such a form. From my experience, short witty phrases turned out to be appropriate when I wanted to offer my clients special deals. I would create a catchy phrase, often based on completely new neologisms. In my case, this strategy was applied on my special customers, whom I usually give special discounts. Also, I tried including this method in my social media posts. In this context they perfectly play the role of discussion starters. When used this way, one-liners could also be joined with words that call to actions and links to your website or any other (advertised) online content that you want to advertise. Here are examples of some successful catchy slogans.

Share and follow shares

In the virtual space, there is no such a thing like privacy. We all share personal details about our lives, places we visit and things we like. The last group is the real coalmine for marketers. When I spend time on social networks, I always scan other people's shares. They sometimes help me come up with a better idea for my business. So, by sheer observing and picking up strategies you can actually recycle the existing visions and create original ones, given that you have a shred of creativity. For instance, you can come across an interesting drink-promoting video that will give you inspiration to make your own custom water bottles. It would be a perfect choice for some offline promotional activities. I always try to take care of my non-Internet customers, as well. They adore receiving tangible promotional products.

Finding your own place under the marketing sun is a long-lasting process. However, if you keep being constantly active on your pages and communicate your way to your target audience with some examples that I have shared with you in this text, you will stand out from the online crowd. 
The rise and growth of digital media and platforms have caused drastic changes in the way businesses operate on every single level. First of all, communication is done at an unparalleled speed and today you can get information of any kind in a matter of seconds. Secondly, companies are moving towards paper-free business surroundings, thanks to all the electronic features they use nowadays. But the greatest change that is going on is the powerful penetration of visual content into every part of business correspondence and cooperation.

Image domination

Everybody who uses the Internet in any way can notice that today we are exposed to the real dictatorship of images. The nature of social media and websites in general contributes to such a condition. In addition, today you can buy a fine camera at a pretty popular price and modern gadgets are also equipped with high-quality mechanisms for taking photos, so everybody can become an avid photographer these days. If we know that people give a five-second chance to a website they visit and then either stay on the site or leave it, it's not so unusual that images mostly do the tricky job of attracting visitors to remain on websites.

Time-saving visual assistance

Now that we have explained why pictures have become so important in our lives, we should display some benefits of using visual information for business purposes.
Every business has to deal with a lot of accounting data, as well as graphs, pie charts and any other features that simplify the whole process of making business calculations and presenting business results. With new solutions, which enable you to share, see and comment on various parts of business content, every company can increase the pace at which they do their business tasks. For instance, many cloud solutions can help you improve your business performance. You need efficient and fast-working services that function as an enclosed and protected area for the visual (and any other) materials that you share online. Cloud can help you save your time and money on that way.

Efficient business procedures

When the web still wasn't the gospel of modern technology, businesses had to have accountants, who would note down every single transaction and take care of the financial reports. Today, however, everything can be done in a much easier and faster way. As the image is the dominant mediator between online content and the Internet user, companies like Encompass offer a wide range of options for a practical use of visual materials in establishing transparent business policies. Also, you can use the assistance of their teams to create and gather commercial data, as well as information from different registries and other important sources of business data.

Integration and connection

Aside from enabling your business to function in a more operable and effective way, visual business tools of today can also help you form a special sort of integrated business communication and conduct. With the use of those platforms, you can show your business partners your latest results and they can automatically start doing their share of work and vice versa. With the fast flow of visual information, every business is able to make the best out of its online and offline existence. That way you can use all the benefits of global networking, such as working with remote companies or outsourcing, to take your company to business heights.

To conclude, visual communication is the lingua franca of the Internet today and companies should accept that fact to use its benefits and make their business affairs more successful.
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