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Being safe on the web is almost as difficult as being a vegetarian in a meat shop. The virtual world is probably even more dynamic than the real world around us. As more and more people are gaining access to the Internet, the probability for viruses and other malware is growing, too. To stay safe on the web, you have to be constantly focused on all the threats that might be lurking behind the next mail. You can be careless in many ways, but cautious in only one – stay alert.

Passwords maintenance and spam filters

Every commercial e-mail provider offers highly protective features for your e-mail account. No matter whether you have noticed or not, every time you want to download an attached document or a folder, there is an antivirus check conducted by an e-mail antivirus integrated into the e-mails service. They also filter spam mail and send it to the spam folder. That way of protection serves as network preventive maintenance to save the user and the data from intrusion.
When it comes to passwords, it is something the provider cannot really do instead of you. You have to be careful and smart enough not to set a terribly easy password or include your personal data, such as your birthday or social security number into the password, because that would be perfect leads for anyone who would like to get into possession of your private data.
The issue of password is not only connected with the e-mail service, because the most confidential data are usually not sent via e-mail. Proper ciphering must be done inside every business. For instance, every computer must be protected with a strong password and anybody who does not know the access password should not have the right to work on any computer.

Underlying backup

No matter how strong antivirus and firewall protection you might be using, it is still possible that hacker somehow find a way to your data. Sometimes they do not need the data, but they simply want them to cease to exist. To ensure your business and data from being lost forever, you have to consider all the backup plans. You always have to have several alternative locations where you keep your data. These locations might be online, but you can also make an effort and also save them on storing devices in the real world, as well. Although this method is becoming a bit outdated, it is still a valid one. In case everything you have stored online is lost, these physical copies can turn out to be very handy.

Security-educated employees

The only one who you can trust completely is only you. That is why you have to establish a code of (safe) conduct in your company. Your employees should be educated on the importance of data security for the benefit of the company and their workplaces. You should organize regular briefings and seminars on the safety measures every employee should take. You can also encourage them to attend these events by giving them extras on their salaries. Only a homogeneous and united company ca remain successful and safe online. 

Top 10 Online furniture and decor stores in India

 Nowadays Online Shopping is one of the most famous shopping method in the world. Because it saves our time and money this is the ultimate advantages of the Online Shopping. And also you can choose a product among thousands of brands and categories. Other features are Easy to compare brands and price, you do not need to wait a long time (or) long queue  for purchase a product.  Simply order in Internet and the product will delivered to  your home.

Today, I would like to share a best free PSD template collection. These PSD Templates collection may help to design your website or blog more better. These psd template totally free and commercial used for any purpose.

These psd templates based on latest design trends and it's a very attractive , innovative and cool design for your blog and websites. Here , I gonna share a top 10 best PSD templates 2014 :

1. Golden – Creative One Page PSD Template

Golden is a PSD theme including portfolio, timeline, and meet your team sections.Golden is clean white theme for corporate solution. Golden is fully customizable in Photoshop if you want to make some changes. Nice yellow color and the beautiful homepage layout.

Golden – Creative One Page PSD Template

If an ordinary person cannot retrieve a text document comprising the best recipes of Italian cuisine from his or her computer, that is a pity, but it is not a question of life and death. On an everyday private basis, all of us encounter different difficulties when it comes to storing and retrieving some data on our PCs or gadgets. No matter if these are text documents, multimedia materials or installed programs, personal storage often lets its owners down. However, when the same happens in business, the problem becomes much more serious. If you are a trustworthy and reliable company, you do not want to leave your data and your partners' data exposed to the risk of loss. Because of that, the most convenient step to narrow down the possibility of losing important business-related data is purchasing backup space on the cloud. Here are some benefits of such a decision.

How to Relieve Backup Pains - Cloud Computing

Less hardware, more space

Once you have made up your mind to upload all the data of your company on the cloud, you will feel a better energy flow in your company. You do not have to pile up various storage devices, such as hard disks, both internal and external, USB flash drives, DVDs, CDs etc. With the disappearance of that crew, you will get more space in your office or offices. Thanks to that, you will be able to enrich the work space with some new worker-friendly features. First of all, you should make the space green by bringing some plants into the office. Secondly, you can rearrange the items of furniture and make room for a lounge with a TV-set and maybe even a gaming corner. All that can be done as a result of removing storage devices thanks to the cloud service.

All-inclusive cloud service

When a business opts for a certain cloud service provider, the best option is hiring the one that can offer you an all-inclusive approach to the cloud. You need a flexible client-centered provider, as well. The contract you sign needs to leave space for additional features, which means that you should for the provider that offers scalability. Perhaps one week you will need 50 GB of cloud space, while the following week will demand for 100 GB.
Hand in hand with adjustable cloud space, a fine provider includes appropriate web hosting services in the package, so that you do not need to roam and look for additional providers. One of such services is definitely the back-up service, which means that the provider is obliged to take care of your data and sites. If under any circumstances the data you have stored are exposed to danger or get lost, the provider must have a plan B to back up your data and retrieve them for you. If you want to use these services, you have to pay for them, but the advantage is that someone else will take care of the data. You make it easier for yourself to focus solely on running the business.

However, some people do not have too much faith in letting someone else save your data and still keep all the data in the hard form, as well. With the current cloud development speed and safety measures, it looks like the cloud is going to overshadow tangible storage devices and completely overtake the control over the data world. 
Hands on facility to convert NSF 2 PST file format without losing the dignity of email properties provided by Export Notes tool made a benchmark all around the world. The tool has matchless features for converting NSF emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, contacts etc into PST file format that is accessible over all editions of MS Outlook. The other benefit one can get with it is exporting data from NSF files to live environment of Exchange Server. The facility to transfer bulk amount of data from one source program i.e. Lotus Notes to other that will be MS Outlook is awesome with this utility. Under the requirement of converting great extent of Lotus Notes information to the MS Outlook email client, the discussed application is going to be a good choice.

For sure, if it is a capable application to execute task of conversion from NSF files to PST file format, then people all around the world will have desire to know more about it. 

NSF 2 PST Conversion Tool For Flawless Lotus Notes Data Transfer

What Are The System Requirements For Using Application?

To use this tool to export NSF files into PST file format, there is not any terms and requirements those are really annoying.  Check out what are the pre-requisites for using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter:
  • As product set up file size is 17.1 MB so there should be free 20 MB hard disk space for proper usage of the application 
  • The latest edition of the NSF PST conversion program is 9.4
  • Old even recent versions of Windows OS are supportable to run NSF data transfer into PST file format 
  • The processor with which tool will work properly should be 2.4 GHz
  • Random Access Memory recommended for the usage of Lotus Notes conversion program is 1 GB
  • Outlook installation is required, proper configuration of POP3 account for any edition of Outlook is supported
  • Offline usage of Lotus Notes is essential and it can be used in any edition. 

Kind Of Features Tool Consist

  • Convert NSF Data Into PST With Rendered Properties: For distinct data items one can create separate file. Email data will stored by users into separate file. As well as selected names.nsf file contacts will get saved in the other PST file format.
  • Complete Migration Tool: Software is a complete solution for migrating Lotus Notes Emails, Contacts, Calendar, journals to Outlook PST file format.
  • Keeps Attachments Added And Safe After Transfer: Images, audios, documents, and other properties will be preserved by the tool after transferring data from NSF files to PST files. All the attachments and associated capabilities will be preserved.
  • Support For Bulk Lotus Notes Data Migration:When it is all about to extract data from Lotus Notes folders to Exchange Server, then Corporate license of the product will not work. Opting Enterprise license or Technician license will be a beneficiary option.
  • Exclusion Of Deleted Items From Conversion: To maintain the worth and speed of data conversion from NSF files to PST files, user can filter the deleted items as it is considered that the folder consists unwanted and non-required emails.
  • Save Data In ANSI Or Unicode File Format: Once the user gets done with the task of converting NSF files into PST file format, then flexibility to save the data into ANSI file format or Unicode file format offers ease to do it accordingly. 
  • Help For PST File Size Adjustment: The converted data of NSF files if does not get saved into single PST file due to huge information, then application will create a new PST file when the first file reaches to 20 GB limit. In this way, the tool delivers facility to maintain the file size for data storage. 
  • Folder  Mapping & Mail Filters: Data conversion for NSF files to PST file format will also not destruct the mapping of folders once the data is transferred. At the other end, if user does not want to transfer entire data from Lotus Notes account to Outlook, then date range based filter is also packed within.
  • NSF Data Encryption Removal: If the NSF mails are encrypted, then application will remove protection before converting the data into PST file format. It means there will be not an issue if conversion  of encrypted PST files is a concern for Lotus Notes users. 
NSF 2 PST Conversion Tool For Flawless Lotus Notes Data Transfer

Cost And Availability Of Application
The free version of NSF 2 PST conversion program is not tough to pick up. It permits to transfer first 16 items from selected NSF files to PST. The trial should followed by all who have interest to use the application.

The licensed version of the NSF PST conversion program is designed to serve unrestricted facilities without employing any limitation on the item number.
Different licenses for the product with distinct costs are available in market: 
  • Corporate License: $250
  • Technician License: $500
  • Enterprise License: $1500

Final Conclusion: Altogether, application for transferring NSF files into PST file format from this brand has great collection of amenities without investing money beyond of reach. Simplified structure and process for NSF data transfer into PST file format will surely amaze the user via performance.

Author Bio: Oddile Mazanzie is technical writer and reasearher on various data migration tool. This guest post is based upon complete overview of Export Notes software includes introduction, basic requirements, and facilities of the product.  
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